Know your buildings. Agile Digital twins

Properties change over time. Some more, some less.
We help you build and maintain digital twins that are future-proof.
Ever-evolving digital twins are fundamental to fully know your buildings which is fundamental to optimize economics, exceed ESG/NetZero targets and create long-term sustainability.  

single source of truth

The more ways you can use your digital twin as the single source of data, the greater the business value it can create.
Trough our suite of applications, we create business value by
● Providing insights into the property’s performance
● Provding always updated data for ESG and NetZero compliance
● Predicting future outcomes.
Our digital twin is:


Provides additional business value throughout entire life cycle


An obsolete digital twin
has no value


Verified input to external proptech solutions

Future proof

Compliant with ISO and BIM Level 3

innovation built on solid engineering

Property PLMs Digital Twin and Applications are built on cutting edge PLM technology developed by world leading experts.