We are on a mission to change the way Properties are built and maintained. Digitalizing the entire life cycle of a Property is fundamental to improved economics, quality and sustainability. 

Our Digital Twin brings quality into your data and processes and more importantly, we make your data and systems future-proof. We break silos. 

Our Digital Twin is based on proven state-of-the-art PLM technology, ISO standards and processes. We are already today at BIM Level 3. The object-based core ensures unrivalled change management and easy maintenance. Because an obsolete Digital Twin has zero value.

For Property Developers and Owners, this implies full control and millions in savings throughout a Property’s lifecycle.

    single source of truth

    With an up to date digital twin as your starting point, Property PLM adds value to your business by
    ● Providing insights into the property’s performance
    ● Identifying potential issues, and
    ● Predicting future outcomes.
    Our digital twin is:


    Strictly from a developers Perspective


    An obsolete digital twin has no value

    Net Zero

    Digital Twin is invaluable to the Net Zero ambition.

    Future proof

    Compliant with ISO and BIM Level 3

    innovation built on solid engineering

    Property PLMs applications are build on cutting edge PLM technology developed by Eurostep group.