Secure and monitor sustainability and ESG targets

We bring quality into your data and processes. We make your data and systems future-proof. We break silos. 

Our Digital Twin is based on proven state-of-the-art PLM technology, ISO standards and processes. We are already today at BIM Level 3. 
The object-based core ensures unrivalled change management and easy maintenance. Because an obsolete Digital Twin has zero value.

For Property Developers and Owners, this implies full control and millions in savings throughout a Property’s lifecycle.

Property Development While Creating a Real Digital Twin

Plan, scope and verify property development.

Secure, simulate and monitor sustainability and ESG targets. 

Monitor project progress and analyze performance of assets and properties.

Eliminate data loss and poor data quality early phases directly translates into savings in both time and money.

A foundation for real Digital Twin to be used in operations & maintenance phase.

Take control over materials procurement.
Reduce cost and risk. Use whole EU as a sourcing ground

Secure best-of-breed materials, timely deliveries and competitive quotes.
Take full advantage of existing ISO standards and processes.

Every property turns into a marketplace of its own – or aggregate your projects’ sourcing needs with others.

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Property changes over time.
Some more, some less.
An outdated Digital Twin has zero value.

We see it as crucial that a digital twin fulfill the following three criteria in order to be useful:

  • Easily maintainable
  • Adapatble/evolvable
  • Future Proof

Property PLM is currently the only AEC solution on the market that ticks all this boxes

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Integrate our digital twin into your existing workflow, and upgrade to a maintainable real digital twin without the need to change BIM.

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innovation built on solid engineering

Property PLMs Digital Twin and Applications are built on cutting edge PLM technology developed by world leading experts.